What Makes Equi’s Ice Cream Different?

We don’t like to brag, but…

Ever wondered what makes Equi’s a cut above the rest? Well, quite frankly, where do we begin?

We’re all about the ingredients

Artisan, locally-sourced ingredients, to be specific. We use our foodie sense to source the freshest Scottish milk and the richest double cream to make our unique, deliciously smooth formula. And unlike some unscrupulous so-and-sos, we don’t use cheap fats and we’d never, ever fill our products with excessive air. **shudder**

Equis Double Cream Vanilla

We’re committed to our customers and our quality.

Our new Vanilla 98 range might only rack up 98 calories but still it contains Madagascan vanilla, thick Scottish milk and, yup, double cream. It’s a taste of the good stuff with no compromise; just a smaller portion.

We’re bursting with flavour – and with creativity.

Double cream vanilla might be our most popular flavour, but fancy a scoop of Chip off the old Mint Block? How about some Banana Drama? Oh, you’re a Jelly Bear kinda guy? We never pass up the opportunity to develop a quirky new Equi’s flavour (you can see the full range here) – or a good pun and some wordplay.

We were born in Italy, but raised in Scotland.

The Equi family might hail from the home of gelato, but we mastered our craft here in Scotland. That’s why you’ll find Scottish Raspberry Sorbet, Scottish Tablet and Isle of Skye Sea Salt and Caramel alongside modern Italian classics Lemon Meringue and Cherry Mania in our parlours. We’ve been part of Hamilton for almost 100 years, and we’re proud to support our local community and charities.

We believe ice cream brings people together.

Whether it’s a reminder of happy summer holidays in Largs or it because it helped heal your broken heart, we believe ice cream is powerful. It’s magical. Ice cream marks the occasion, from the most mundane, everyday occurrences to the extraordinary. And we bring this conviction – plus lashings of energy and passion, of course – to every stage of our production.

Interested in becoming an Equi’s partner? Find out how you can join the family here.

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