Introducing Vanilla 98

With only 98 calories per tub, our latest offering is all pleasure, no guilt.

Equi’s latest product, Vanilla 98, is hitting convenience stores as we speak and the clue is in the name: each tub contains only 98 calories.

98 calories? Ice cream? Huh?

We know it’s hard to get your head around, but bear with us – there’s more.

You see, not only is Vanilla 98 reduced calorie, but it’s also gluten-free, contains no artificial sweeteners and no cheap vegetable fats. In fact, there’s no funny stuff in there at all.

Instead, we use the same fresh Scottish milk, double cream, real sugar and Madagascan vanilla that we use in our standard ice cream range. It’s a smaller portion, sure, but there’s no other compromise.

It seems our line of thinking has won us some fans. Vanilla 98 has already won gold medal for the best vanilla ice cream against 40 other vanilla ice creams at the Royal Highland show as well as a nomination in the Healthy Choice category at the Scotland Food & Drink Excellence awards.

We’re of the opinion here at Equi’s that ice cream should be a little bit of what you fancy – not a miserable, so-called ‘healthy’ option.

Why? Well, why do we eat ice cream? To celebrate something: a birthday, an anniversary, heck, even a sunny day in Lanarkshire. It’s a special occasion food; it should taste indulgent. And we’re sticking to those convictions – and our artisan roots.

And, ahem, humble-brag incoming: we’re utterly thrilled that Equi’s itself has also been nominated in the Business of the Year category. Fingers crossed!

So the next time you want a taste of the good stuff without the guilt – even the tub is fully recyclable – Vanilla 98 is available from selected local convenience stores, leisure and tourist outlets throughout Central Scotland and of course at Equi’s Hamilton. Motherwell & Aberdeen.

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