Equi’s ‘Bake Off’ Flavours

We might not able to bake as well as the contestants on The Great British Bake Off but we sure can make ice cream! This season we’ve been making ice cream versions of some of the bakes following the same criteria set in the challenges by Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry.


Week 1 – Cake Week – Equi’s Black Forrest Gateaux Showstopper

For our first showstopper, we created a breathtaking layered ice cream gateaux with cherry soaked sponge, cherry and vanilla ice cream.

Week 2 – Biscuit – Signature Vin Santo Biscotti

Our rich Vin Santo ice cream is decorated with crispy biscotti.

Week 3 – Bread Week

Bread week was a tough one! Equi’s Signature Super Quick Banana Bread gives that sweet banana bread flavour with a touch of spice.

Week 4 – Desserts – Strawberry Cheesecake, White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake & Peach and Pear Cheesecake Showstoppers

For our showstoppers we created 3 different cheesecake flavoured trays of ice cream – cheesecake challenge anyone?

Week 5 – Alternative Ingredients – Signature Sugar Free Cherry Cake

We could have given ourselves an easy week and made a dairy free ice cream (which was actually one of the tasks) but we do like a challenge! Our sugar Cherry Cake uses free yogurt ice cream and Amarena cherries – and it’s also gluten free!

Week 6 – Pastry – Signature Pear Frangipane

Our Pear Frangipane ice cream uses delicious almond ice cream with a beautifully sweet pear sauce swirled through and is decorated with pastry pieces – not a soggy bottom in sight!

Week 7 – Victorian – Charlotte Russe Showstopper

Straight from Downton Abby (not really), our Charlotte Russe Showstoppers has layers of strawberry ice cream, cranberry sauce and is decorated with sponge fingers.

Week 8 – Patisserie – Technical Coffee Mokatine

Things are getting technical this week! Our Coffee Mokatine ice cream has layers vanilla sponge and coffee ice cream and is artfully decorated with cappuccino flavoured cream.

Week 9 – Chocolate – Signature Chocolate Tart

Get ready for chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! Our Signature Chocolate Tart has layers of chocolate ice cream, chocolate sponge and rich chocolate sauce.

Week 10 – Final – Showstopping Lemon Drizzle

For our final Bake Off inspired ice cream, we’re paying homage to the winner herself with a zesty layered Lemon Drizzle ice cream with layers of creamy lemon ice cream and lemon sponge.
Want to try some of our cake/pastry flavours for yourself? Come visit us at the BBC Good Food Show 6-8th November!

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