At Equi’s were are extremely proud of our ice cream and fortunately it seems as though others agree as we’ve managed to pick up our fair share of awards along the way!

Most Recent

Royal Highland Show 2016

Scottish Ice Cream Champion 2016

Champion of Champions – Honey and Quinoa

Gold Medal – Double Cream Vanilla

Silver Medal – Strawberry Fruit

Silver Medal – Isle of Skye Sea Salt & Caramel

Silver Medal – Dark Chocolate Sorbet

(and these are only the major awards in the last year)

Great Taste Awards 2015

Gold Star – Double Cream Vanilla

Gold Star – Mojito & Ginger Sorbet

2 Gold Stars – Mango & Chilli Sorbet


Double Cream Vanilla – 8 consecutive Gold Medals at The Royal Highland Show

Strawberry Fruit  – UK ICA Champion of Champions 2008

Belgian Chocolate – Gold Medal and Reserve Champion Royal Highland Show 2014; Silver Medal UK ICA Champion

Raspberry Cranachan – Champion of Champions Royal Highland Show 2009

Kiwi Sorbet – Gold Medal UK ICA

Equi’s Hamilton – Scots Italian Awards 2013 Best Ice Cream Parlour

2012 listed in Robin Weir’s Ice the Definitive Guide as one of the World top 20 Ice cream Parlours

UK ICA Diplomas and Diplomas of Merit over 200 in total since 1955

  • The Italian Awards
  • National Ice Cream Competition: Champion of Champions 2006
  • National Ice Cream Competition: Champion of Champions 2008
  • Royal Highland Show Awards 2015: Ice Cream Gold
  • Great Taste 2015
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